Ada Barak's Spa

Anda berani pergi ke spa untuk relax2 sambil ditemnai ular - ular. Bagi yang extreme dan sukakan kelainan, mesti tak kisah. Bagi diri saya, nampak ular je dah cabut..langkah beribu-ribuuu

Meirav Stardinner receives a snake massage from Ada Barak at Barak's snake spa in Israel . Barack's income comes mostly from exhibiting her plants which eat everything from insects to small mammals. She discovered snakes' therapeutic value after letting people hold them after her act "Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better, relaxed," she says. "One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress." Now she uses a combination of big snakes for deep massage and little ones for light massage, though all are non-venemous.

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